Join us for a unique photography event where we celebrate the beauty of real women, just as they are.

At Oh Boudoir, we believe in showcasing the natural essence of every individual, capturing the soulful beauty that lies within.

Our FREE event is more than just a photo session – it's an opportunity to embrace authenticity, empower women, and inspire others. We invite you to be part of this empowering experience, where we'll capture your true essence in a series of natural, unfiltered portraits.

📸 What to Expect:

  • 15 Minutes with Oriana Higuera showcasing your natural beauty.
  • No makeup provided, allowing your true self to shine through.
  • Refreshing drinks to enjoy before & during the session.
  • Exclusive promotion of Oh Boudoir's photo session packages.
  • By participating in this event, you'll not only get stunning portraits to cherish forever but also contribute to our mission of inspiring others to embrace their authentic selves.
  • Join us and let's celebrate the beauty of real women together!
  • Date: Mayo 11, 2024.
  • Time: From 9am to 2 pm
  • Location: Sunrise, Florida, 33323.
  • Limited spots available. Register now to reserve your spot!
  • This is a free event.

Please briefly explain why you would like to participate in this event.

We create our happiness by capturing the most important moments in our lives